Popeye, that good-natured sailor with superhuman strength, his trusty pipe forever in his mouth and the classic anchor tattooed on his brawny forearms, has inspired the prints of “Un marin à Paris,” one of the two themes which Ice Iceberg has dedicated to boys who love cartoons and the sailor style, featuring combinations of blue and red, and cornflower blue and mélange gray, and piqué jackets with striped lining. Special items are the sweaters with inlaid stripes and Popeye embroidery, the striped jeans and the great Oxford shirts. These boys are accompanied by girls who, like lean and lanky Olive Oil, Popeye’s eternal fiancée, adore red and blue but have a true passion for white and fuchsia. The theme entitled “Pure” looks to the Ice Girls with all the poetry of the Ville Lumière. Muslin and sateen, gabardine and washed denim, inlaid sweaters, dresses, T-shirts and sweatshirts: the proposals for girls are decorated with prints and embroidery of Olive Oil in Paris, but also feature logos in rhinestones and embroidery. For boys, there is a range of pieces in strong colors like Brazilian green and yellow, air force blue and grey, and denim, while black and white are often used in blocks. There is a wide selection of jeans in various washes, pants and shirts in poplin with allover prints, piece-dyed sweatshirts and pants, and sweaters inlaid with various colors. Bright and fun prints also star in the proposals of the Ice Iceberg Baby collection, with stripes inlaid on sweaters or printed on jersey, and lots of comfy sweatshirts.


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